Sieno Switchgears Mist Maker Fogger Humidifier for Gardening and Pond Use


**Atomized water quality and adaptable, the same nebulizer use pure water or tap water can work.The machine current voltage and temperature by less influence, because each nozzle current electronic automatic adjustment, the current increasing temperature will decrease (does not affect the amount of fog), to avoid serious power tube heat current increasing the vicious cycle and damage the atomizer

**The power for a wide range of products to ensure that the changes in the city still under normal use larger occasions .This product uses high thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength of the metal shell, reducing the temperature difference between the water inside the host, thereby prolonging the life of the product
With power supply polarity protection circuit prevents damage to the product user interface instead (reverse does not work)

***There boot delay circuit, to avoid a power surge current excessive damage to the line
A single sprinkler line using an independent design, and the use of over-current protection circuit, avoiding the burning of a nozzle damaged power lines, and does not affect the normal operation of other jets

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